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Meet Us!

The Women Behind SoLash'd

    SoLash'd was founded in 2018 by our owner Kaitlyn. Through her hard work and dedication she was able to grow her small studio and in 2020 moved into what SoLash'd is today! Doing lashes is her passion however she also finds immense amounts of pride in helping others become awesome lash artists as well.

    McKenzie is our second most senior technician. She finds joy in changing up her everyday routine by meeting new clients and getting to know more about them. You will always see her with a coffee and a smile. 

    Megan joined the team shortly after McKenzie and she is our in-house comedian! Who said lash appointments have to be boring? Not with Megan around! If you are in the need of a pick-me-up she will add it to your service, free of charge!

    Justina was actually Kaitlyn's first lash student and the most dedicated person you may ever meet. Justina practices day and night to perfect her craft and provide clients with her best work. One thing about her is guaranteed, she will always give you her 110%!

This group of women are irreplaceable to me. It isn't common to find a team as strong as this and I couldn't be more grateful. Love You Guys!  ~Kaitlyn

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